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10 Dynamic Weapons Training Online Modules

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1. Kali Sticks (Filipino): Used for effective self-defense. Teaches discipline and control during an intense full body workout. As do all weapons, the Kali presents a healthy physical and mental lifestyle.

2. Bo Staff (all disciplines): Excellent long-range weapon that demands concentration. Great for learning hand-eye coordination. Almost an infinite number of bo techniques and tricks for both beginning and skilled practitioners.

3. Nunchaku (Okinawan/Korean): Develops quick hand movements and correct posture. Lock, trap, or go on the offense when necessary. Improve coordination, concentration and strength. Work the creative mind by envisioning striking and blocking patterns. Noticeable conditioning and strength gains that result in bone-shattering velocity. 

4. Tonfa (Okinawan): Lose yourself in learning critical stances, blocks & strikes. Only weapon designed to protect forearm against bladed weapons. Versatile: wield it as a hook/sickle, or an axe, by grasping by shaft. Terrific for grip strength and dexterity. Use handle as a centrifuge to deliver arcing blows that devastate.

5. Bokken (Japanese/Korean): Originally designed as a training tool, the bokken stepped into its own right as a lethal weapon in the hands of a dueling Myamoto Musashi. Improves one’s character through discipline. Students emerge with a mindful new way of life.

6. Sai (Okinawan/Filipino): A close-range, dual-wielding weapon that reinvents hand dexterity and fine motor skills. Develop unprecedented focus and precision capable of deadly force. Pinpoint precision required. Instills a respect for values in martial arts training.

7. Kama (Okinawan): When banned from using traditional weapons, farmers in feudal Japan resorted to wielding farm implements with lethal results. The razor-sharp kama, typically used in pairs, works by blocking with one, attacking with the other.

8. Double Kali (Filipino): Learn partner cooperation, boost memory skills and learn the practical application. Marote (double) sticks affords more complex training challenges, and more comprehensive self-defense abilities.

9. Broadsword (Chinese): Train for realism with a bladed weapon with heft. Embrace the challenge of both soft and hard motions… flowing and thrusting strikes and parries. Double swords training works across the left/right sides of the brain.

10. Katana (Japanese): Katana, the long sword of the fabled Samurai of ancient Japan, and symbol of their place in society. “Know the way of the sword, know yourself.” Come to understand the soul of the Samurai, discovered through Iaido.

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